The first National act that Dan joined was "The Melting Pot Band" on Capricorn Records in 1969 replacing the guitar player who had been injured. In late 1975 Dan was living in St. Petersburg, Florida and making three-dollars a night playing for the door.

Two guys from the band Dan was playing with got a call from Dickey Betts and went to join him to start the "Dickey Betts and Great Southern Band". They said he was looking for a guitar player and that they would try to get me an audition. Dan didn't feel he had a chance at an audition, let alone the gig.

A few days later, Dan was coming in from the pool and the phone was ringing from a booth just outside his apartment door, it kept ringing and ringing. Finally he'd had enough and answered it. A voice on the other end said, "I am looking for Dan Toler, this is Dickey Betts calling" and Dan said "yeah right" and hung up the phone.

Fortunately, he called back and they talked for a while. During the conversation, he offered to fly Dan to Macon, Georgia for a look-see. Dan gave 'em his best stuff at the audition and it must've paid off because a few days later, he was part of the band.

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1969 Melting Pot

1969 Majoity Rule
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1970 Eye Group

Spoon ***

1975 Melting Pot (2)