In 2009 Dan put together an All Star Super Group band with friends from the
various projects and dear friends from over the years. Based in Bradenton, Fl.
where he resided, this project brought together hard hitters; Chaz Trippy
(from Greg Allman), Taylor Caldwell, Mike Hensley , Tony Tyler, Gary Guzzardo
(from Marshal Tucker Band), and Jeff Artibassey (from Captain Beyond).

This new project which heralded his distinct "Dangerous" namesake was
designed to get back to the true art of touring. The bands focus would also include writing new material and rejouvinaing Dan's music passion around the state and the country.

The "Dangerous Dan Toler Band" was born and began working locally using Aces Live in Bradenton as a practice stage to work out material and tighten the group.
Other gigs included the Music Ranch (Mid Florida) and Earl's Hideaway.

In a difficult turn of events, Dan was suddenly found unable to walk or speak. After testing the diagnosis was in and it was not good. Dignosis was for ALS
(Lou Gerigs Disease) This band was not able to record and stopped before it could really do what Dan wanted o do with it.

In 2011 the Toler Tucci Band was formed headed by Steve Tucci to help Dan
continue to play and to record his last album. This would be Dan's last band
project and was lucky to do recordings. He played until he got tired, then rested,
then continued to play some more. It was tedious and long days for Dan but the smile on his face never left. The band helped put together benefit concerts to help the Toler Family. This would be his remaining legacy.

Tony Tyler:
"We did a radio show and trying to be respectful, I told Dan that I would wait for his cue not wanting to walk over him in the interview, but Dan told me to speak and and jump in there. Don't hold back and to perform to the best of my abiities. Best advice he gave me, "Always take the opportunities your given." Dan always encouraged me to play to the best I could because that's what he did and that's what he expected his band memebers to do as well. That's what made Dan's music so great."

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