Over the next few years Dan played with Dickey Betts and the band on two Great Southern records: "Dangerous" and "Atlantas Burning Down"

In 1979 the Allman Brothers Band was auditioning players in Macon at the Capricorn Records Picnic. Dan was asked to play. When he got home the next day Dickey called him and said they wanted to make him be an Allman Brother.
Dan was with the Brothers for the next three Allman Brothers records. "Enlightened Rogues" in 1979, "Reach For The Sky" in 1980 and "Brothers Of The Road" the next year.

In 1982, Gregg Allman was starting to sour on his contract with Arista Records. That January Gregg, Dan and Dan's brother Frankie left the Allman Brothers and formed the Gregg Allman Band.

The success of those two records propelled them through 1989 with "I'm no Angel" going gold..

After five years of gigging, writing and recording the band was able to land a deal with Epic Records. In 1987 they recorded the album, "I'm No Angel" and in 1988 they recorded the album "Just Before The Bullets Fly".

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