Dan continued to play with other bands periodically like The Outlaws, Marshall Tucker Band, Charlie Daniels, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Johnny Hiland, Nick Moroch, Lonnie Mack, Matt Guitar Murphy, Warren Haynes, Dereck Trucks, Jimmy Herring, Altar Bridge, Three Doors Down and Steve Gorman of The Black Crows, doing some touring and guest appearances.

In 2002 Dan was approached by Dicky Betts again to play with Great Southern. During this time they recorded an acoustic album called "The Collectors # 1". Dan stayed with Dickey until he got a call from his old friend George McCorkle from Marshal Tucker Band.

George wanted to put together Southern Rock Legends band. They called that band "The Renegades". We were joined by Johnny Townsend and Jack Hall from Wet Willie. They toured the U.S. with acts like Blue Oyster Cult, Foghat and The Outlaws. It was a lot of fun but the whole time that band was together, all Dan and Johnny could talk about was the music they had been making as The Toler/Townsend Band.

When The Renegades went their separate ways, Johnny and Dan revived thier music and started posting it in selected places online and within forty-eight hours started getting interest from people in the European community. Reviews and magazine interviews followed and then interest from a European record company. They were very excited to announce that they had signed with Music Avenue and the CD named "The Toler/Townsend Band", was released overseas in march 2009.

Jeanette Bowman (Dan and Debby's Neice):

I pretty much lived at Grandma & Grandpa Tolers house when I was growing up. When I was about 13 Danny came in from the road for a couple days to visit. As we were sitting at the dinner table we were messing around and I tossed a roll at him...Next thing I know here comes this flash before my eyes and "splat" there it was...He threw a buttered roll that hit my face like a bug on a windshield.

I swear he threw it like he was pitchin' a no hitter lol...We laughed so hard we couldn't finish dinner...

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1994 The Toler Brother's Band

2002 Dickey Betts and Great
2005 Southern

2002 Toler

2006 TGZ

2006 Renegades of Southern Rock

2009 Brothers of Southland

2009 Toler Townsend Band