Dangerous Dan Toler: 1948-2013

an started playing guitar in his hometown of Connersville,
Indiana at age 12.

With many influences ranging from Johnny Smith to Chet Atkins, Dan set about attempting to aquire his own style of play after seeing Chet play once on the Grand Ole Opry.

Lonnie Mack was another early influence. His instrumental version of Memphis was a guitar player's dream song and when Dan finally learned how to play the solo he was ecstatic. R&B was also the thing in those days and Dan loved that music.

"Bill Lakes and the Playboys", a local band, was one of the first bands in which Dan had the opportunity to grow as a young player. They played a lot of R&B and Blues, which was a great training ground for any guitar player. Dan also enjoyed playing country music (as long as they had a decent pedal steel player.) He got pretty adept at picking out the chord formations and playing along in harmony.

Poster from 1967 show by the House Rockers, a band that Dan was in while in Connersville, In

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19?? Bill Lakes and the Playboys

1967 House Rockers