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A Serene Scene - Peaceful Scenes in Life
A collection of Video Scenes filmed in various places designed to take you away from your current worries. 2 Minute long getaways.

AutoCAD Services Include
As-Builts, Custom Waterjet and 2-D Drawings, R&D Project Services, Vector Logo and Design Work, Laser/Plasma Cutting Designs

Resin Foto Graphic Services
A Photography Service for motorcycles, scooters, and all other vehicles. We document special builds and create promotional material for your ride to present at shows.

Handyman and Maintenance Services
All of your general maintenance needs done by Lee and Joe Frayer. Drywall, framing, finish cabinetry, general repairs, painting, flooring and more.

Chair Caning
Repair of old-world-style cane woven chairs. Factory Cane, French Cane, Hand Cane and more.

Online Training
We teach Adobe Bridge and Photoshop online in our virtual classroom where we can see your screen and help you work on YOUR project! No more wasting time taking a Youtube course that doesn't asnwer your questions.

Coming Soon!

Questions about this website or any of the offerings here, please contact Jeffery Frayer at 941-586-7109

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