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Online Software Training

We offer the opportunity to work side by side with you on your project. This way, we teach you based on what YOU NEED for YOUR project! That's what applies to you best!

We use the software TeamViewer, that tags onto your computer screen, LIVE, so we can see what you are doing, and can teach you based on your set-up, your project, software, and platform. Doesn't matter if you're on a Mac or PC!

Our Training Method

It's better that we work with the files you need to work on within the screen environment you are used to working in.

This means that we need to be able to see your computer screen. Teamviewer Software allows us to do just that. From this software, we can use your mouse to show you steps to take, help configure your workflow better and see what steps you are taking within the file you need to create or edit.

The software gives us a Device ID Code number and a password to log into your computer. But ONLY when you need us to, the password changes everytime you open the software making sure we cannot get back onto your screen at a later time without your permission. Once connected, we can use a cell phone connection or you can choose to use a headset of your own with microphone to talk through the app.

In a nutshell, you work LIVE with an instructor, ON YOUR PROJECT! IN YOUR COMPUTER! No more having to watch countless hours of videos you Do Not Need.


Instructor: Jeffery Frayer 941-586-7109
Available for Last Minute/Emergency Instruction

You can also use the booking app below to make an appointment for future sessions.
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Prepping for your session:

1. Close ALL personal files
The trainer will see what you have on YOUR computer screen and we do NOT want to see something we shouldn’t. So please close all files or webpages with sensitive information.

2. Download TeamViewer
You will only need to download Teamviewer once. Later sessions can be done with the first download you do. Downloading Teamviewer will allow the trainer to log into your computer screen and interact with you and your software. This allows the trainer to take control of the mouse when necessary and see your screen and how you are using the software.

Worth Repeating: The software gives us a Device ID Code code and a password to log into your computer. The password changes every time you open the software making sure we cannot get back onto your screen at a later time without your permission.

3. Sessions
Each session is paid per hour. Payment will need to be made each hour that the session continues. This can be done by Credit Card or Paypal. First hour is $30 and will be paid at the end of the first hour.

Past One Hour
If you wish to continue, you will prepay for the next additional hour at $30/hr or $15/hhr.

Early Termination
If the training is not going well, the trainer or you have the right to terminate the session anytime within the first 10 minutes. You will not be billed for a terminated session within 10 minutes. Any session lasting more than 10 minutes is billable.

Download The Free Teamviewer
Software Here